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The Social Pro $279 - In Studio

Jeordie, pictured above, is an incredibly modest guy. When I asked him what his favorite physical feature is before we started shooting with the shirt off, he said, “my Mom thinks I have a nice personality.”

In this session, we’ll chat beforehand about what kinds of looks you want to try on. We’ll shoot a great headshot for your professional presence, plus one to two additional looks that can either be different headshots, or something else! A ‘look’ is where you change outfits, we switch up the backdrop and or the lighting. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want these other images to be. I’ll work with you to capture something that is authentically you!


• Phone consult to brainstorm and prep for your shoot.
• Up to 90 mins in front of the camera.
• Real-time image previews on a 27” monitor during the shoot.
• Headshot, plus one to two additional looks (can be different headshots).
• Five hi-rez digital files of your favourite shots.
• Basic editing (colour, skin tones, minor blemish removal)
• Online gallery to review your images and pick the best ones


The Social Pro - On Location $449

Dominique, pictured above, firmly believes that anyone can sing. As the musical director for a local choir, she has dedicated herself to making that opportunity available to anyone who wants it.

In this session, we’ll talk a little bit about who you are at your job and in life, and what you want these images to say about who you are. Based on what I learn about you, I’ll propose locations for our shoot, and we’ll set a target date (and a backup) for the shoot. The advantage of shooting outside is that we get to work with great backgrounds, with a mix of professional and natural lighting.


• Phone consult to talk about and prep for your shoot.
• Up to 2 hours in front of the camera in a single location.
• Professionally lit headshot, plus several natural light shots of you using the location as our backdrop.
• All digital files from our shoot, usually 15 to 20+ shots to choose from.
• Online gallery to review your images and pick the best ones.

Do Your Thing! - On Location $449

Trish, pictured left, is a Crossfit athlete, mother of two kids, and loves to lift. She’s also just an amazing human!

So what’s your jam? Are you a musician? An athlete? A chef? Do you restore old cars? Whatever it is, I’d love to capture an artful, editorial-style image of you doing what you love. This session is all about quality over quantity. We’re going for one to two images that capture your passion at a location to we choose together.
NOTE ABOUT LOCATION: Depending on the ideal context for what you do, it’s likely that you’ll to secure the space, be it a dance studio, a gym, or a garage.


• In-person consult to talk about and prep for your shoot
• As long as it takes to get the shot (usually within an hour, not including initial lighting setup)
• All the best digital files from our shoot. There are usually variations on the final image that you’ll want to have as well.


Natural Light Shoot - On Location